Flowers of Lycian Taurus Mountains March 25 – April 04, 2018
Led by Yasemin Konuralp the author of the book “Wildflowers of Turkey I – Bulbous plants”

DAY 1 / ISTANBUL  – 25 March 2018 /Sunday

(On foot)
We meet at the lobby at a certain time for orientation talk and spend the day exploring the historical monuments of ancient Constantinople and Istanbul. Our first visit will be to the Hippodrome, once Constantinople’s great arena for chariot races and public entertainment. After strolling around we visit the majestic great church of Haghia Sophia which is very close to Hippodrome. Later we will visit the Topkapı Palace including the harem section. This palace was once the residence of the Sultans and the political center of the Empire. After having our lunch we will have a walking tour of the Grand Bazaar. This is one of the oldest covered market place in the world containing over 4,000 shops where virtually anything can be bought. O/n Hotel in Istanbul
Meals: On your own

DAY 2 / ISTANBUL – Flight – FETHİYE – 26 March 2018 /Monday

(On foot and vehicle transfer to Atatürk Airport to fly Dalaman)
We meet at the lobby and check-out the hotel, spend morning hours exploring the historical monuments of Istanbul. We will begin with the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet, also known as the ‘Blue Mosque’. From there we walk a short distance to the extraordinary Underground Basilica cistern. We end our day at the colorful Spice Market where the scent of hundreds of spices permeates the air. 
After lunch meeting our vehicle will take us to Atatürk Airport for our flight to Dalaman. We’ll be met our vehicle and transferred to the coastal town Fethiye. O/n Hotel in Fethiye or a nearby village.
Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner 

The area we will explore the flora for 8 days is called Teke Peninsula between the Fethiye and Antalya bay. The mountains rising gradually from the sea level so called Bey mountains are forming the west end of Taurus Mountain Range. Mainly the Calabrian pines, Junipers, Cedars are forming the forests. Mountains rise up to approximately 3000 meters and covers with the snow starting from November to the end of April. The area offers very good habitat for bulbous plants. The orchids appear among the machie areas while the bulbous Alpines such as Crocuses, Scillas, Colchicums start blooming right after in the snow melting mountain areas. Teke Peninsula had been home to ancient Lycians, local tribe of Anatolia for thousands of years. You can find ancient cities of them on the coast mostly excavated by the archaeologists as well as in the mountains among the forests not excavated, lying in wilderness at their secret places.

DAY 3 & 4 / FETHİYE – 27, 28 March 2018 /Tuesday-Wednesday

(Botanical excursion by vehicle or on foot)
Gölgeli mountains above the town of Fethiye holds in good number of terrestrial orchids such as Orchis anatolica, Orchis morio, Noetinea maculata, Orchis tridentate, Ophrys reinholdii as well as the Fritillaria, Iris, Muscari, Cyclamen  sp. As we are very close to a less visited un excavated Lycian antique city of Cadianda, we may explore the city and flora around it. O/n Hotel in Fethiye or a nearby village.
Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner


DAY 5 / KAS- 29 March 2018 / Thursday

(Botanical excursion by vehicle)
Drive to Babadag which is the highest mountain on the coast, starts rising from the altitude of 200 meters up to 1969 m. Babadag offers us some unique endemic plants… Greenish yellow Fritillaria forbesii, brightblue colored Scilla forbesii which are endemic to Taurus mountains, stanning white colored Sternbergia candida spreading over the hill, only known from Babadag in Turkey. White colored Crocus fleischeri will be spotted easily with its striking long orange to scarlet color styles. Also we may spot some early flowers around in the forest. After our picnic lunch we’ll drive above village of Kalkan to see Crocus calanthus, recently described as new crocus, and Galanthus elwesii. O/n Hotel in Kaş. 
Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 6 / KAŞ – 30 March 2018 /Friday

(Botanical excursion by vehicle)
Morning drive up to a hill above Kaş to see two different recently named crocuses, Crocus brickelii and Crocus lyciotauricus. Free afternoon or drive somewhere else for botanising.
Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 7 / ELMALI – 31 March 2018 / Saturday

(Botanical excursion by vehicle)
Morning drive up in Taurus mountains, enter Mount Akdag, easy hiking up to Green Lake for a change. Around the lake there will Alpine flowers such as Scilla bifolia, Colchicum triphyllum, Anemon blanda, Eranthis hyemalis and newly described Crocus akdagensis. Fritillaria kittaniae, Veronica lycia, Aubrieta deltoidea, Adonis microcarpa, Thlaspi perfoliatum, Viola heldreichiana, Silene cryptoneura would be in the hills across Mount Akdag. O/n Hotel in Elmalı.
Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 8 / ÇIRALI – 01 April 2018 /Sunday

(Botanical excursion by vehicle)
As we leaving the Taurus mountains down to the coast, for a change visit to Lycian antique city of Arykanda. 
The antique city of Arykanda was built upon five large terraces ascending a mountain slope. She has a theatre, in excellent condition, built during the 1st century BC. At the edge of every row are holes that were used to support protective awnings. The Odeon was once a very ornate building, the interior was lined with orthostats and the walls, orchestra and seats were once covered with colored marble. A block of marble that was discovered (and now housed in Antalya Archaeological Museum) during the excavations over the portal bears a portrait of the Emperor Hadrian. A stadium, from the Hellenistic period, that resides above the theatre, in the form of a running track with seats built only on one side. It is smaller than a usual stadium, measuring 106 m. long and 17 m. wide. The necropolis on the entrance to the site is very interesting with its series of richly decorated funerary monuments. The eastern necropolis has barrel-vaulted monumental tombs, temple-tombs and sarcophagi and the western necropolis has rock-cut tombs and barrel-vaulted tombs.
Before visiting the site we’ll have to chance to see some of the bulbous plants pure blue endemic Crocus baytopiorum, Cyclamen alpinum, Anemone blanda, Crocus beydaglarensis on the slopes of mountains. O/n Hotel in Çıralı village.
Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 9 & 10 / ÇIRALI – 02, 03 April 2018 /Monday-Tuesday

(Botanical excursion by vehicle)
Explore coastal flora of Olympos. While many plants like Muscari muscarimi, Bellevalia trifoliata, Anemone coronaria, Lamium album, Mandragora officinalis, Arisarum vulgare, Ophrys heterophylla, Ophrys argolica lucis, Ophrys climacis, Anacamptis morio subsp. syriaca, Anacamptis papilionaceae, Ophrys iricolor, Ophrys lyciensis, Ophrys reinholdii, Ophrys ferrum-equinum, Serapias bergonii, Tulipa orphanidae, Fritillaria acmopetala, Limodorum abortivum, Romulea tempskyana, Ricotia carnosula are flowering on the south lower slopes of  Beydaglari range. O/n Hotel in Çıralı village.
Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 11 / Fly to ISTANBUL 04 April 2018 /Wednesday

After checking out from our hotel we drive to Antalya airport and take our flight to Istanbul. 
The tour ends upon arrival to Istanbul Atatürk Airport. 
Overnight : none                       Meals: Breakfast

The price is 2850 USD per person in a group of minimum 4 people; 
Single supplement is 448 USD


  • All accommodation indicated in the itinerary.
  • Dinners, lunches and breakfasts are included as indicated in the itinerary.
  • Private transportation throughout the tour with A/C minivan or a rental car
  • Guidance of Yasemin Konuralp, author of the book “Wildflowers of Turkey I – Bulbous plants”
  • Entrance fees to the historical sites and the museums which are indicated on the itinerary
  • Hotel tips, parks, freeways
  • 2 domestic flights

*Any kind of alcoholic drinks or beverages during the meals
*Personal expenses, such as laundry, bar, telephone etc.
*Gratitude for driver and guide
*Visa fee to Turkey ( )
*International Airfare
*Health  & Travel Insurance ( we highly recommend you to have one before your arrival)